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After more than 2 years the full Lens Lance website is now functional for photographers, videographers, and of course- clients looking for one of the two. Many of you saw or signed up on the first version of our site which had many issues and did not have an easy sign up process for photographers. We are pleased to say this version, Lens Lance 2.0 has solved all of our previous issues and is ready for photographers to start linking up with clients near them! So what is Lens Lance? Lens Lance is the easiest way to find a photographer or videographer- aka “The Freelance Photographer Search Engine”. Potential clients will be able to search for photographers and videographers based on location, proximity, type of photography/videography, features offered, price range, experience, and more.  Profiles are designed to best promote each different category- Photographers, Videographers, and Shoot Locations.


Creator Profiles 

Photographer profiles feature an image gallery, bio, website and social links, contact form, reviews, location map, pricing info, booking info, and more. Videographer profiles include the latter but also have a “featured video” that shows on the first page of their profile. The presentation is extremely professional and potential clients will be pleased with the organized view of all the details. The image gallery is limited to 30 photos. We suggest picking your best from all different types of categories and to not post similar shots. You want to show potential clients your full range of photography abilities. Contact is the highest priority of a photographer’s profile, and a client will find multiple ways to contact you. The easiest form of contact is the contact form. This will send an email directly from the customer to whichever email you have linked to your account. If you add your email and phone number, clients will be able to manually contact you through those forms. A direct link to your personal website is another way to get in contact, and lastly any social media links you add are possible means of contact.  The great thing about Lens Lance is that you get to be in direct contact with your clients and receive all earning from any jobs acquired through Lens Lance. If you want to sign up as a photographer or videographer, click here.


Shoot Locations

Shoot locations was not an option with the first version of our site. Anybody can add a shoot location and it is free to do so. This is especially useful for photographers and videographers traveling outside of their home area to do shoots. Shoot locations can range from outdoor scenic areas to rentable studios.


Please comment below with any suggestions you have for additional photography and videography categories and features, and also any suggestions to make our site better!



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